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Wardrobe Manager

From sourcing and purchasing luxury clothing items to advanced wardrobe preparation, your Wardrobe Manager takes care of all your sartorial needs.

Our Wardrobe Managers are equipped with extensive fashion knowledge, and experience in garment protection, applying both to guarantee the highest standard of care for your wardrobe.

They oversee the inventory, purchasing, and planning of your wardrobe, with experience handling the clothing of high profile and high-net-worth individuals. Familiarity with maintaining luxury fashion items and caring for them accordingly is a prerequisite for a qualified wardrobe manager.

A wardrobe manager’s skills can overlap to varying degrees with those of Lady’s Maids, Personal Assistant, and Laundress, but a dedicated Wardrobe Manager is focused on curating and caring for all aspects of maintaining the extensive array of a client’s attire.

In the public sector, they commonly work for theater companies, film and video companies, television production studios, for fashion designers and for large department stores as buyers. The majority are self-employed, and so often work for multiple clients at any one time.

It is desirable for wardrobe managers to hold degrees in fashion-directed studies: design, fashion management, merchandising, retailing, etc.. Most private clients prefer a manager who has extensive experience working with couture fashion and either high-net-worth or high profile individuals whose careers are dependent on making correct fashion choices for a wide variety of occasions.  The flexibility to travel with the client and also the willingness to take on additional tasks (assisting with travel, greeting and interacting with guests, accompanying client on shopping expeditions and fashion shows) can be an added plus.

The duties of a wardrobe manager may include:

  • Maintaining an up-to-date garment and linen inventory.
  • Strong knowledge of fashion particularly with the handling, storage, and care of luxury fabrics.
  • Competent knowledge of jewelry and its proper care and handling.
  • Wardrobe management for the client, family and staff members.
  • Accompanying the client on trips and packing and unpacking all wardrobe-related items.
  • Organisation and proper storing of clothing during off-seasons, safeguarding against fading, and insect, mold or bacterial contamination.
  • Laundering, drying, steaming, ironing all clothing and linens for the houses and family, including drop off and pick up from dry cleaners.
  • Performing alterations and repairs to clothing within the manager’s abilities.
  • Keeping a wardrobe inventory and conduct rotations when necessary.
  • Maintaining the laundry room and cleaning equipment and managing repairs when needed.
  • Maintaining the client’s footwear (polishing, cleaning, managing repairs).

Desirable skills and talents may also include:

  • Background in image consultancy and make up artistry
  • Extensive knowledge of haute couture designers & fashion houses
  • Experience as a personal shopper
  • Vintage Fashion knowledge
  • Strong familiarity with accessories, footwear, and jewellery
  • Talent or experience as a hairdresser
  • International tracking and inventory management familiarity
  • Boudoir and bathroom care and styling
  • Interior design
  • Spa and Beauty treatments; manicure, pedicure, facials, waxing, massage
  • Personal Fitness training, yoga and Pilates tuition, body conditioning
  • Aftercare for cosmetic surgery and other beauty procedures
  • Knowledge of international cultures’ etiquette and practices

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