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Ski and Yacht Staff

Our Ski and Yacht staff arrive with years in the luxury travel industry, experienced as casual, permanent and temporary staff. Our candidates encompass the full spectrum of specialised yacht and ski care.

Yachting professionals

We typically specialise in interior yacht crew such as stewardesses, butlers and private chefs and can ensure an experienced yachting professional with industry-standard certifications is there to fill all your possible needs.

Stewardesses are specialists in hospitality and are responsible for maintaining a five-star private service from the point of embarking until departure. The best stewardesses possess a range of skills in areas from wine knowledge to flower arranging, and increasingly are expected to demonstrate modern computer skills.

Stewardesses have key roles in onboard entertainment; the best will be engaging and creative with an exemplary and dedicated work ethic, and a keen eye for detail. These roles best suit highly-polished individuals who are passionate about providing five-star personal service and who thrive at sea.

The right crew is essential to the smooth running and maintenance of your yacht. Allow us to source your Yacht Staff to ensure your experience on the sea is as enjoyable as possible.

Ski staff

Just like on yachts, ski chalets require a unique and varied professional base to keep them running smoothly. These include – but are not limited to – chalet hosts with exceptional entertainment skills, hardworking and qualified childcare professionals, and talented private chefs able to accommodate a range of cuisines.

Typically, ski professionals are enthusiastic, dedicated individuals with a passion for the slopes and a hardworking attitude. The highly international nature of both settings means that candidates able to speak multiple languages are highly desirable and able to command higher wages.

These are also great roles for Couples, with the cooking skills of one complemented by attentive and enthuasiastic chalet hosting duties by the other.

Larger chalets sometimes also require Butlers or House Managers able to oversee large numbers of staff and maintain high standards of presentation and organisation.

Here at Irving Scott, we are able to source ski professionals able to meet your every need and comfortable working in HNW and formal chalets.


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