Nannies for Adults

2019 is witnessing the growth of three new areas for professional nannies, all with a focus on caring for adults. Type “Nannies for Adults” in any search engine and alongside the hilarious Tracey Ullman sketches based on Jacob Rees-Mogg’s nanny you will find serious reports about the rise of nannies for adults. From nannies hired to pamper stressed parents, to nannies tasked with looking after elderly care companionship, to nannies that stay with a family to follow their wards through University and beyond, the rise in nanny jobs for adults is unstoppable.

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s nanny

Still with them after 52 years, Jacob Rees-Mogg’s nanny has become a life-long companion. Not all adult nannies are as famous as she is, nor have they become the inspiration for a satirical comedy sketch, but they are a stalwart member of some families. Long after the children fly the nest, the nanny remains in service or close to the family. Such is the bond formed between nanny and child that nannies are often called upon when the next generation is born. Look no further than the Windsors, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are considering asking the prince’s beloved former nanny Tiggy Pettifier to be godparent to their son.

Pampering stressed parents

Affluent households across the country have begun to welcome a new member of domestic staff to the team: the adult nanny. What began as an expansion of the childcare role – “look after the kids, then look after me!” has become recognized as a distinct role with specific tasks. Parents juggling successful careers and young families often find they run out of time to care for themselves. Happy to make sacrifices for a life they know is privileged, these parents nevertheless know that the right support provided by a professional adult nanny can provide for a higher quality of life. Adult nannies are practical, multi-tasking, energetic professionals who are proficient in a wide range of skills: manicure, massage, style advise, meal planning, time management and sourcing treats that improve the everyday toil of coping with a demanding job and small kids. 

Elderly companion

Employing an adult nanny to care for elderly relatives is developing into a distinct position from that of a medically-trained carer. Adult nannies have a practical role, one of the main features being providing companionship. Having a driving license and the right presence of mind, our adult nannies employed to care for elderly relatives spend their time at garden centres or the theatre in much the same way that our children’s nannies take the little ones to the park or the swimming pool! Reliable members of staff, these adult nannies fit in trips to the doctor or the shops around pleasurable daily outings. They make sure pets are properly taken care of. They prepare meals, sort out laundry and carry out general housework whilst always aware that their elderly companion is living an independent life thanks to this vital role they are playing in their lives.

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