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Housekeeper Cook

Integrating the skills of a skilled chef or family cook with those of a traditional housekeeper, the Housekeeper Cook is an important and flexible role in a nimble and efficient household. 

In smaller, more compact households, a current trend is to combine two or three household roles into one inclusive role.  A Housekeeper Cook is a neat and handy option and might be an invaluable addition to your household staff, ideal for homes with either lighter staffing requirements or for clients who are on the move between multiple households.  If you’re interested in the option of streamlining your staffing needs, hiring a Housekeeper Cook is a perfect choice.

Our talented and experienced candidates will create nourishing and nutritious meals while also maintaining your home to a high standard. As a housekeeper, they’ll be responsible for all housekeeping duties, including deep cleaning of all rooms, laundry, organizing closets, and caring for fine furniture and antiques. As a cook, they’ll shop for groceries, as well as make meals for you and your family.

Depending on your situation, the Housekeeper Cook may be responsible for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or special dinners when you entertain guests. Whether you’re entertaining multiple guests or simply want to share a comfortable meal with your family, the Housekeeper Cook is able to respond to an array of dietary needs and customs.

The flexibility of the Housekeeper Cook position is ideally positioned to respond to a client’s needs and can include any combination of the following housekeeping and cooking duties:

  • A complete, regularly scheduled deep cleaning of the home
  • Laundry and ironing for the family and home, including drop off and pick ups to cleaners
  • Home organization and project management
  • Inventory and stocking of larder and pantry and running errands as needed
  • Knowledge of housekeeping and cleaning procedures of fine furnishings, antiques and marble and experience working in formal environments with finer furnishings
  • Culinary skills and training and also a background in nutrition and dietary restrictions
  • Ability and willingness to care for and attend to family pets

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