An Exceptional Hospitality Course for Domestic Household Staff

Irving Scott x George Telford Hospitality Course

As London’s premier domestic staffing company, Irving Scott understands the bespoke demands and unique traits of the families and individuals it caters to.

In an effort to continually enhance our services, and the standard of care within the domestic staffing industry generally, we have developed our first Hospitality Course. This targets aspiring talent within the realm of domestic staffing, who wish to reach the upper echelons of households, and meet the highest possible standards of domestic care.

In coordination with celebrity butler, George Telford, Irving Scott has created a programme across two days that reflects not only the high calibre of training we demand from our recruits, but provides unique industry insights thanks to our partnership with Mr Telford. The course has been especially designed to ensure commitment with the highest standards set by corporate hospitality and domestic household clients, with an excellent broad-base training for all entering the domestic staffing sphere.

The 2-day course is an intensive, rewarding, and exciting opportunity for any looking for a way into this thriving industry – and we’re excited to share the results with you. Please read on for more information.

Background Information on George Telford

In the domain of corporate hospitality and domestic staffing, there are icons and leaders, as with any industry. George Telford is such a figure, cultivating one of the most exclusive and outstanding butler portfolios across Europe, pursuant to decades of work in the industry.

Few can match his legacy, just as few can rival the length of his tenure in the industry – George had wanted to be a butler since being a little boy. Like many, he grew up revering the longstanding British series ‘Upstairs Downstairs’, in particular, the role of Hudson as played by Scottish actor Gordon Jackson. The show, which tracked the lives of a wealthy politician and his house staff who ran his expansive London townhouse, brought the essentiality and professionalism of domestic staffing to the fore, and to the nation’s consciousness.

For George, this figure of Hudson the butler, was something aspirational. George has since built a career that emulates this figure of utter professionalism, and impeccable manners. Leaving his birthplace of Glasgow for South London, George has since worked in the homes of renowned families, celebrity households, as well as working in five-star resorts, and training potential candidates for households around the world.

Throughout his longstanding career, George has become a veteran, with profiles on him by the Telegraph and other international media. His services for the likes of Tom Hanks, Robbie Williams, Sir Paul McCartney, and Her Majesty the Queen, have launched him into the stratosphere of A-list domestic staff across the world. His client list reflects his impeccable standards and service.

Any domestic staffing expert counterbalances the highest standards of professionalism and service with a friendly, hospitable demeanour – George has lived and breathed by this very ethos for decades. It is this rare union of personality and professionalism, bolstered by his unique experience, that makes him qualified to train the next generation of butlers and household staff.

Details of the course

This course is intended both for beginners, and for those equipped with some experience as butlers, housekeepers, and house management. George’s lessons are lessons in professionalism and comportment as much as method and practice.

The course begins at 9am each day (with 1 hour for lunch) and finishes at 6pm. All attendees are provided with:

  • A uniform and apron for the practical components;
  • Tea, coffee and biscuits throughout the day; and
  • A certificate of attendance (upon your final day).

How Irving Scott stands out

When it comes to hiring domestic staff, families and individuals seek not only the highest standard of care, but a bespoke pairing that reflects the best match possible. To ensure we attain this, Irving Scott has a uniquely rigorous vetting process, with one-to-one attention to each client, and the highest calibre of sourcing and vetting.

We use all tools available to discover the best match for you including psychological assessments. At Irving Scott, we believe there is no such thing as the best domestic staff – just the best match for you.

A unique opportunity

The domains of domestic staffing and corporate hospitality are rigorously competitive. In order to attain an edge on similar candidates, further qualifications, training, and education are essential.

This training course will be conducted in Knightsbridge, London, home to many of Irving Scott’s own clients. Its exclusive location reflects the realities of the many urban, exclusive clientele we cater to, as opposed to the countryside locales of many other courses.

Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will be added to Irving Scott’s own database. While we cannot guarantee subsequent placement, this is an important first step in the advancement of your career in private service.

Irving Scott’s course will run the full gamut of tasks and roles the butler is expected to perform. George has curated the course outline specifically to meet the spectrum of day-to-day tasks expected by domestic staff. For this reason, we will also be drawing in other experts from relevant fields for your training, to ensure you are on the cutting-edge of all relevant services (e.g. established florists for flower arranging, or stylists for wardrobe sourcing).

Hospitality Training Modules

The course will execute the following modules within its duration.

  1. Introduction

George will outline the core requirements and standards of the course, alongside the fundamental practical elements that clients will expect.

  1. Team Comfort Zone

A session on the necessity of occasionally stepping outside your comfort zone for clients.

  1. Importance uniform & personal hygiene

A full module on your personal wardrobe maintenance, client expectations of dress, style, and hygiene in the midst of long work hours.

  1. Role playing

An interactive role-play experience allowing attendees to gain insight into their employers’ mindsets.

  1. Timekeeping

George will instruct the attendees on clients’ expectations of time and schedules, alongside the skill of balancing tasks and timetables simultaneously.

  1. Principals & Guest expectations

Outlining the expectations and standards of treatment for principals and guests in the household.

  1. Pre-arrival preparation

Active assessment of the preparatory elements required in the hours in advance of your principals’ and guests arrival.

  1. International Culture & religion

A treatment on the demands of respect, sensitivity, and understanding of principals’ diverse cultures and religion. George is also fluently versed in teaching cultural awareness and practices of the Middle East, and this will be a key component of the module.

  1. Acknowledgement & title of guests

Quizzing and lessons on the various, appropriate titles to use when addressing different guests and clients.

  1. Communication & departmental continuity

A hand-guide to the day-to-day communication and departmental continuity that takes place within domestic staff.

  1. Daily update of guest arrival

Taking attendees through the basics of updating and diarizing the various arrivals and departures of guests.

  1. Obstruction in corridors

How to meet basic health and safety standards, as well as principals’ expectations, within the household.

  1. Fire health & safety

Maintenance of fire, health and safety standards across the house, as they apply in different areas.

  1. Preparation of itineraries for principals and their guests

How to prepare an industry-standard itineraries for principals and their guests.

  1. Importance of discretion security of principals and guests

A briefing on the importance of principals and guests’ security, how their different security procedures work, and how to liaise with security staff.

  1. Optional packing & unpacking wardrobe care

Lessons on packing and unpacking that meet impeccable standards.

  1. Principals and guests journeys from arrival

A full brief on the planning, execution and departure of principals and guests to the household.

  1. Guest check in/out

Full immersion into the details and elements of checking in and checking out scenarios.

  1. In-house dining and room service

Examples and lessons on dining, delivery, and ordering of in-house dining.

  1. Upselling

Lessons on the importance of upselling in the corporate hospitality industry.

  1. Butler’s pantry stock & care

Information on the cataloguing, sourcing and maintenance of pantries.

  1. Wine & champagne service

Basic sommelier skills and advisory services on the acquisition and selection of wine and champagne.

  1. Table service & setting

The various rigors of table service and settings.

  1. Turndown service

Walking attendees through the process and execution of turndown service of the bed.

  1. Question time


Our next course is held on 14th to the 15th January.

How to book

A small deposit of £100 will be required to secure your place and a week before the start of the course you will be required to pay the balance of the course fee. Our course fees start at £695 for two days.

To book your place on our course please contact us.

We can also provide in-house training or tailor-made courses at our exclusive venue, for further details and enquiries please contact us.

If you have any further queries on the course, its contents, or on domestic staffing as a whole, Irving Scott would love to answer them. Please get in touch via our contact form or call us on +44 (0) 203 181 0022.