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Households turn to Irving Scott for trusted one-off HACCP sanitation service

As a top private household staff agency, our reputation for placing the right candidates in the right role is unbeatable. Our candidates and our clients are incredibly loyal to us, trusting our judgment. With our finely-tuned recruitment practices, our comprehensive consultation processes for both candidate and client, not to mention our honest working relationship across the board, it is no wonder that they turn to us for advice when faced with a new challenge. The biggest question facing our housekeepers right now is to protect households from the coronavirus menace. Our answer is straightforward: request a HACCP (hazard analysis critical control point) certified sanitation service. 

Taking professional deep cleaning seriously

The multiple benefits of a HACCP sanitation service mean that principals can relax in the knowledge that their household has received superior attention with products that only professional cleaners are licensed to use.

  • The HACCP articles used to undertake the hygiene clean are high quality sanitation products
  • Those handling the products and carrying out the service have received specific training 
  • They apply thorough, targeted sanitary scrubbing where needed whilst working with meticulous care in a responsible manner so as to ensure close attention to valuable items. 

What to expect

  • Here the name of the game is cleaning to sanitize, not tidying up
  • All fixtures and furnishings are hygiene cleaned 
  • A preliminary visit is arranged to identify critical control points where microbiological hazards may exist 
  • Professional advice is given on minimizing cross-contamination

Practical information

  • A team of 4 professionals are deployed for a large house
  • The team works floor by floor, unless tasked to do critical areas only (bathrooms & kitchen)
  • The products used are odourless
  • The products do not damage furniture or upholstery
  • The professional cleaners ventilate properly 
  • The property must be vacated for the duration of the service

Each household is unique and every sanitation task undertaken is bespoke. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed from these HACCP-certified service providers who are at the pinnacle of their profession. For more detailed information on the services provided, click here. Do not hesitate in contacting us – we will be happy to provide you with a quote for this important task.

To access this service, please email: info@irvingscott.com for more information!


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