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Flight Attendant

Irving Scott has received praise from grateful clients who have found VIP flight attendants through our executive search services. By looking beyond stereotypes, we have matched skilled and motivated cabin crew professionals with individuals whose lifestyle requires versatile, dedicated, knowledgeable personal assistants as flight attendants. Our team of discerning recruitment specialists has been successful in placing candidates with FACTS training and commercial experience in roles as private jet cabin crew for clients precisely because we are skilled head-hunters who know how to merge candidates’ abilities with clients’ unique requirements.  

Private Aircraft Staffing by Irving Scott

Every single successful candidate on our books has comprehensive language skills, catering and silver service qualifications, advanced first aid training, medical emergency awareness, inflight service experience and finishing school level etiquette.

Furthermore, our candidates have demonstrable people skills. Unfazed by the status of the passengers on board the private jet, our VIP flight attendants focus on making each individual feel as comfortable as possible. Whether planning ahead or answering a stand-by call from their employer, the corporate flight attendants we find positions for are detail-orientated can-do professionals who pull rabbits out of hats on a seemingly regular basis. We have done our homework and we have that 1% of private aviation staff who are at the top of the ladder.

Airborne and grounded in trust

Our clients trust Irving Scott to filter the wannabe candidates to find the ideal person for their private airplane. Airborne or at home, clients who have been with Irving Scott for years know that the staff we provide are the professionals they need. Discreet individuals with privileged lifestyles, these very important people require VIP flight attendants. By combining industry knowledge with Irving Scott insight, our service is truly reliable.

What to expect from an Irving Scott private flight attendant

  • An experienced problem-solver with advanced P.A. skills
  • A people-person who can communicate in several languages
  • Someone with a thorough understanding of expectations and responsibilities
  • A professionally trained inflight cabin service steward/ stewardess
  • A sommelier who knows silver service and is trained in food hygiene

Potential candidates

We seek confident, multi-lingual, flexible and experienced cabin crew professionals who are keen to take their career to the next level. Highly motivated individuals with a culinary flair, industry-specific qualifications, advanced organisational skills and a talent for sophisticated entertaining should all consider allowing Irving Scott to place them with one of our excellent clients. We look forward to welcoming new members to our club!

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