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Private Staff in the South of France

Dreaming of the Cote d’Azur? So are we! Who wouldn't want to spend the summer on the French Riviera? In the summer months, these locations bring together the best highly skilled domestic professionals and a complete range of clients, all of whom turn to Irving Scott for positions and people.

Our team is fluent in French and has a long history of recruitment successes. All domestic staffing requirements are met by our specialists. Furthermore we are proactive in retaining the best personal chefs, private assistants, housekeepers and security personnel to offer our clients in high season. We have built trust with key players in this competitive area.

The following roles are the most popular for the households with openings in the Cote d’Azur:

Private Chef

Our experience of placing specialist chefs in domestic service for intense and highly rewarding summer contracts is unparalleled. Most chefs who work with Irving Scott speak several languages and are highly trained in their profession. They enjoy the buzz and excitement of the summer months in the south of France and clients will find they are spoilt for choice when they turn to Irving Scott.


With school holidays coinciding with this period of temporary relocation to the beautiful environs of the south of France, there is always demand for skilled nannies to work with families on vacation. Some of our nannies choose to organize their years so as to be available to cover positions in the Cote d’Azur in July and August.

Housekeeper / Butler

For the sake of security and discretion, many of these roles are not openly advertised. Furthermore many households retain staff all year around for this essential position. Nevertheless we find that short term positions arise in private homes or sometimes on yachts in the French Riviera. At Irving Scott we count upon professionals on our books that would be suited to such positions.


Sometimes clients require chauffeur-driven car rentals for the duration of their sojourn in the South of France. Other times our clients request private transfers. We can arrange for both services. Our speciality, however, is recruiting private drivers who work with the family wherever they are residing. Please contact us for more details about a career as a chauffeur in the French Riviera.

Irving Scott is committed to finding the right candidate for the right job. We have a wide network, we work tirelessly to connect people, we are consummate professionals in the recruitment sphere and… we love the south of France!


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