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Recruiting Domestic Staff in Saudi Arabia

At Irving Scott we know that moving to Saudi Arabia with the right domestic help at hand for clients’ expatriate homes in Jeddah, Dammam or Riyadh is an intricate project to which we are prepared to invest much time and care. Be assured that we have candidates with the right experience, knowledge and sense of adventure that comes hand in hand with a life in this Kingdom.

As travel writer and long term resident in Saudi Arabia Rashad Pharaon explains in his blog  “a move to Saudi Arabia is something to be studied for a long time, but it holds much promise”. Here at Irving Scott we have in-depth knowledge of compound living and are able to advise on the positions that should be considered when setting up home in Riyadh or on the coast. When clients begin to contemplate taking a dream job in Saudi Arabia, they include Irving Scott in the planning from step one.

Time scale

Our dedicated team of recruiters rely on comprehensive databases of candidates that have been individually vetted before entering Irving Scott’s books. If the right person for a position in Saudi Arabia is already based locally, a position can be covered within 21 working days.  Those who choose to move to Riyadh with the client may require up to six weeks to join the team.

Salary expectations

Salaries in Saudi Arabia are very attractive and command loyalty. Clients and candidates both make sacrifices when deciding to move to such a stringent environment. These sacrifices are rewarded financially. Nannies can expect to earn upwards of £75,000, chauffeurs start at £80,000 whilst a house manager will command a package of £100,000 plus benefits.  

Irving Scott remains transparent throughout so that the client is aware of the total cost involved. Saudi Arabia is a tax-free kingdom. Candidates often continue making contributions in their home countries. We encourage candidates to assume responsibility for their own tax affairs.

Adaptation period

As with most placements in Saudi Arabia, domestic service personnel are guaranteed a trial period of 3 to 4 weeks if they have previous experience in a similar position in this part of the world. For those who are recruited specifically to settle with their principal in Riyadh, Jeddah or Dammam, Irving Scott recommends a six week period, thus allowing for a relaxed adaptation to this sometimes harsh new environment.


Were a client’s relocation to be altered or suspended after Irving Scott has begun to recruit domestic personnel for their home in Saudi Arabia, we apply a flexible approach and adapt to the changing circumstances. As our policy is to find the right person for the role, oftentimes the candidate is willing to contemplate a different location out of their professional desire to work with a particular client. Otherwise reasonable cancellation steps are taken without delay.

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