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Private Staff in Ibiza

There is a buzz around Ibiza, a land of myths and enigmas, with a magnetic force that attracts visitors from all around the world. Drawn as much to the white beaches, the promenades and the outstanding natural beauty as to the famed private parties with VIP lists and nightclubs that offer the latest trends in electronic music, Ibiza has a burgeoning population of well-to-do residents dotted across the island in luxurious villas with spectacular views.

Island dwellers maintaining large houses from which they are constantly entertaining require personalised service of the quality Irving Scott’s clients have become accustomed to. Our excellent selection process allows us to offer the best and most skilled candidates for private residences in niche locations like the Balearic Islands. Whether you need a chauffeur, housekeeper, private chef or laundry assistant for your sometime residence or permanent home on Ibiza, rest assured that Irving Scott will find the perfect match for your unique circumstances. Hiring skilled, experienced professionals with local knowledge through Irving Scott will ensure a pleasant sojourn on the white isle.  Running a successful home on a small island like Ibiza requires a certain set of skills that professional recruiters are more than aware of. We know that counting on a team of resourceful, forward-thinking, flexible, imaginative, careful and highly trained domestic staff to keep up standards all year around provides a source of much comfort to our clients. Ibiza is an island of small shops, markets and bazaars. Without one-stop-all department stores to source last minute requests made by principals or their guests, household professionals working in private homes across the island are expected to have all the right contacts. Likewise, having precise knowledge of where to look for lifestyle options such as healthcare providers, mosque and church worship schedules, yoga, fitness and beauty practitioners, makes Irving Scott’s candidates much cherished. Hiring domestic couples that maintain your home away from home on Ibiza with care and professionalism can make you wistful to return when business calls you elsewhere. Being able to call upon a live-out nanny to work during the summer holidays makes Ibiza a paradise for all members of the family. Having a chauffeur at hand to take you around the island avoiding the infamous traffic jams, allows you to sit back and enjoy the stunning beauty of this white isle. Knowing that the professional chef working in your household has the groceries required and skills necessary to create excellent meals for family and for entertaining is a peace of mind that we are happy to guarantee. All in all, there are no cons to living on Ibiza when you trust Irving Scott to cover all your island recruitment requirements.

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